AI + Data Science

With a deep bench of over 300 data scientists and engineers, our offering spans pilot projects to a fully customizable AI platform that integrates with your digital transformation initiatives.

NAVIK AI Platform Customization

The NAVIK AI Platform is vastly improving sales and marketing performance for global brands. All Absolutdata AI products run on our NAVIK AI Platform and can be customized for unique business needs.

A few project examples...

  • Conduct actual field studies of AI-generated sales actions for a sales force

  • Pilot AI for key sales, marketing, operations functions

  • Select strategic pilots based on current CRM or marketing automation data

  • Build models to test hypothesis in ops, supply chain, sales, marketing

  • License the NAVIK AI Platform to gain momentum for internal AI initiatives

  • ​Customize the AI Platform to build your Intelligence Layer​

  • Customize on-premise and hybrid implementations of NAVIK SalesAI, our AI-based guidance for B2B sales teams

  • ​Customize on-premise and hybrid implementations of NAVIK MarketingAI that uses AI to implement customer driven marketing

A few project examples...

AI Pilot Implementation

Not sure how or if AI can make a difference today? We can work with you to identify a project, set metrics for success, design and implement a pilot, then present results to key stakeholders.

AI Enhanced Digital Transformation

If you have a digital transformation initiative under way, and AI is not a stated key component, it’s not too late to fold it in, but it is urgent. We can ensure your journey takes full advantage of AI architectures that are right for your organization.

A few project examples...

  • Ensure AI compatibility with exisitng data and systems architectures

  • Build a strategic plan to add an intelligence layer to your tech stack

  • Propose an AI platform approach customized for your organization

  • Define what levels of AI technology will yield optimal results

A few project examples...

  • Establish automated feeds of Big Data into machine learning systems

  • Get AI-ready with full data integration and harmonization

  • Accommodate hybrid on-premise and cloud architectures

  • Start small if needed, with simple models from existing data (but GET STARTED!)

  • Get quality results from “bad” data

Data Harmonization + Big Data

Companies that put AI initiatives on hold, waiting until their data is perfectly clean with a single source of truth, are losing time. Our data engineers have been cleaning and harmonizing data for over 15 years in a variety of enterprise architectures.


Sensor data is quickly overwhelming companies, industries and governments that are in the IOT space. Setting up near real time systems for IOT data quickly translates sensor data into action, making AI and machine learning systems smarter faster.

A few project examples...

  • IOT data ingestion, blending and harmonization for AI systems

  • Build business decision systems based on near real time IOT data

  • Integrate IOT results with AI initiatives

  • Create intelligent IOT dashboards, alerts and alarms for specific user groups

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