Big Data

Leverage your data to the hilt. Apply science and the latest tools and technologies to get the most from one of your most precious resources: your data.

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Data Integration

The power of AI and analytics is multiplied manifold when the breadth of data sources are brought together. Clients with massive data sets get a Big Data delivery system engineered to continuously deliver AI- and analytics-ready data in near real time.
  • Combine and normalize data from a variety of sources

  • Implement a hybrid architecture

  • Establish a real time system for data ingestion and processing

A few project examples...

A few project examples...

  • Plan data warehouse capacities for current and future use

  • Optimize Big Data infrastructure for your workflow

  • Incorporate data from new and traditional sources

  • Build optimized data structures

Data Warehousing

Data warehouses and data lakes are essential components of a Big Data ecosystem. An intelligently designed data warehouse scales to meet your needs now and in the

Big Data Analytics

Extract insights from fast-moving data on the fly with Big Data analytics.  Apply advanced techniques like Naïve Bayes, Hidden Markov Models, Gradient Boosted Models, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, self-learning models and more.

A few project examples...

  • Adopt new tools such as IBM Watson, Hadoop, SAP Hana, Hive and Python to generate more impactful results

  • Incorporate advanced analytics like NLP, complex event processing, sentiment analysis and SPSS modeling

  • Leverage the expertise of over 300 data scientists and data engineers

A few project examples...

  • Build living dashboards for specific business owners

  • Design automated executive summary dashboards

  • Access results fast with in-memory visualization

  • Access reports and dashboards on mobile devices

Data Visualization + BI

Exploding data proliferation presents a new challenge—how to make sense of it all. Data visualization turns raw data into meaning and meaning into understanding. Business Intelligence (BI) further translates it into the words of the business world.

Software Solutions

Get customized big data applications designed to explore, analyze, and manage a wide range of data based on client needs. Data types that these applications can handle include streaming, traditional, and unconventional data.

A few project examples...

  • Design, build and deploy custom solutions

  • Integrate mobile and web apps with your big data framework

  • Support real time, near real time or batch processing

  • Collaborate on the most effective UI design

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