Marketing Analytics

Know customers more deeply, predict what marketing initiatives will yield the best results, and decide what will net a competitive advantage.


Marketing Spend and ROI Analysis

Optimize budget allocation by channel impact and understand which programs are key growth drivers. Analytics experts help clients quantify, maximize, identify, balance and predict, so every marketing dollar can be spent more wisely.

A few project examples...

  • Quantify returns on mobile and social initiatives

  • Predict brand effectiveness in driving sales

  • Optimize budget allocation by channel impact

  • Balance portfolio brands and SKUs for max profit

  • Identify category white spaces and innovation opportunities

A few project examples...

  • Predict successful customer journeys by persona

  • Refine lead scoring and engagement tiers

  • Establish multiple funnels based on segments

  • Accelerate conversion rates between tiers

  • Maximize MQLs (marketing qualified leads)

Funnel and Conversion Modeling

Gain a better understanding of which buying journeys are turning prospects into customers and, ultimately, into advocates. Advanced analytics techniques keep up with shifting funnel and conversion dynamics.  

Hyper Personalization

Consumers and buyers connect with brands that show an understanding of their unique situation and needs. Take personalization way beyond segment-based campaigns, even to the level of a campaign for one. And do it in a scalable way.

A few project examples...

  • Match messages and offers to individuals ready to buy

  • Discover lucrative new microsegments

  • Know the next best action for best results

  • Predict return on specific campaigns to select segments

A few project examples...

  • Gauge positive, negative and shifting sentiment

  • Gauge the impact social media has on your brand

  • Pick up innovative ideas that address customers’ needs

  • Identify social advocates and emerging influencers

  • Improve customer care via real-time feedback

Social Media Listening

Enhanced social media analytics combine text, speech and customer sentiment analysis with business performance indicators and predictive analytics. Track recurring themes, spot emerging trends and identify rising influencers.

Ominchannel Attribution Modeling

Learn something from every marketing investment, and constantly improve your mix. Track the effectiveness of ATL and BTL media strategies across mobile, online and offline channels. Make this a daily routine and you will see dramatic results. 

A few project examples...

  • Optimize media spend across channels

  • Attribute credit to relevant channels

  • Allocate media spend to support trending results

  • Monitor incremental sales attributed to media interventions

A few project examples...

  • Map the loyalty journey with an earn-and-burn analysis

  • Predict purchase intent to make focused offers

  • Gauge loyalty program upgrade potential

  • Discover usage patterns that drive high ROI

  • Run what-if scenarios for changes in earning styles and tier qualifications

Loyalty Program Analytics

Align with the connected consumer and make loyalty programs more relevant. Follow the loyalty journey and use every data point available to hone in on what will make individual members buy under what circumstances.

Cross-Sell and Upsell Strategies

Machine learning is adept at determining lucrative product combinations, which customers are likely to buy them, and when. Using AI techniques, campaigns can be structured around the most responsive customers and their most-wanted products.

A few project examples...

  • Identify cross-sell opportunities across brands and categories

  • Distribute customized up-sell offers simultaneously across channels

  • Discover the predictive power of key indicators

  • Create segments with distinct purchase patterns

  • Capture responses fast to update your offer matrix

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